Tree Growth – Overnight or Eternity

Growing beautiful healthy trees can certainly test your patience.  At times  growth looks like it might be at a snails pace. At other times it looks like the trees are growing overnight.  That might have more to do with us than the trees.  Trees are a reflection of the climate, where they are planted, the nutrients that they are receiving and the time of year.  On the other hand, our awareness is a reflection of how busy we are with other things that may be going on in our lives.  We can go on for weeks or months and never really notice the changes going on in nature and then one day when the fog breaks and we slow down to really observe our surroundings, we see the changes that have been right under our noses all the time.

We hope that this site is a bit like that.  One day you will turn around and it will be fully developed and full of great information about tree care in your climate.  It wont be automatic for us but it will be a steady march toward becoming a well respected site full of helpful information for making your garden into what you are dreaming of.

Check back soon for more.  You’ll be amazed at the changes.

Life After Relocation, Removal and Disease